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5 star Review from Mrs Brown’s Books!

The Jane Austen Dating Agency

Regular readers of my blog know that I am a total fan of Jane Austen. She, (along with Mr Darcy!) is my total heroine. Having the opportunity to read this novel, it was impossible to reject it. With perfect parallels to Pride and Prejudice, Woodifield brings a modern twist to a timeless classic.

I honestly think that if you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice then this novel might be your way in! Woodifield cleverly creates a narrative that runs parallel to Austen and, whilst we don’t have the focus of the Bennet sisters, instead see Sophie and her friends at the hands of the Jane Austen Dating Agency. It’s a neat, romantic idea and Sophie sees it as her opportunity to end her doomed single existence once and for all. With frequent references to Austen and her craft, this was an ideal narrative to remind me of how much I love this writer. On the other hand, if you are new to Austen or have felt daunted by reading her classics, then this novel is a modern way to get immersed into the story!

All being said, I don’t want readers to think that the writer is merely imitating Austen. This is definitely not the case. The plot is entertaining with plenty of humour and romance. It is a brilliant chick-flick read and one you could easily immerse yourself into on the beach. In fact, I could see this as a pick-me-up for any time of the year. Personally, I enjoyed the escapism this book provided and happily imagined the Bath and Regency scenes that Woodifield describes.

I definitely could see a part of me in the protagonist, Sophie. I don’t tend to quote from novels in my review, but this could not be ignored:

“‘…when one has so many better things to do, there isn’t any necessity to read books’
…I can’t be bothered to explain to this woman my absolute love of books; they are my friends, my refuge.”

Oh, it just summarises my thoughts exactly! Sophie is also a true Austen fan (akin to the author, who admits to being inspired by Austen in the closing Author’s note), and a typical bookworm. She is horrified when management haven’t read Austen and is trying to find her own Mr Darcy, whilst simultaneously avoiding Darcy Drummond. I could see so much of myself in Sophie: the romanticism, desire for a happy ending and satisfaction towards reading a good book. It made her character even more likeable and the plot all the more enjoyable.

This was a lovely romantic story. Admittedly, I was sold just from the title, but am so pleased to say that the novel reached my expectations. I couldn’t help but immerse myself in the narrative because, quite honestly, it left a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart and reminded myself that yes, there is a Mr Darcy out there for all of us.

[Review by Book Blogger Mrs Brown’s Books]

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Review from Little Miss Booklover Blog

The Jane Austen Dating Agency

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"I have loved the characters in this book, it has reminded me a little of The Devil Wears Prada meets Jane Austen. I have been rooting for Sophie from the start. The developing relationship between her and Darcy has kept me wanting to know more and I’m praying that the author writes a follow up to this book. I already feel invested in this book and the characters. This is without a doubt a five star read for me. This is one of those books I wish I could rate higher than five stars as it is definitely deserving of more. I wish this book every success because it is an utterly magical story"

Lovely to get such a great first review!

Cover reveal: Jan 20th

The Jane Austen Dating Agency

So the cover reveal for my debut novel The Jane Austen Dating Agency is coming right up on Jan 20th! So ridiculously exciting!

Only 3 weeks to go till publication day!

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