I had a wonderful afternoon listening to the lovely Libby Page talking about The Lido at Sherborne Literary Festival. It was so interesting hearing about her inspiration for the story and how she plans her writing. I loved The Lido, it was beautifully written and I particularly enjoyed the themes of community and friendship at the heart of the novel.





its_now_or_never_250x379Well this week I was in the mood for some good old chick lit to read with a glass of wine and some Lindt dark chocolate (I just can’t give up chocolate so  compromise by eating this, I’m sure someone said it was meant to be better for you!)

I have read every Katie Fforde book there is and re-read Helen Fielding’s Mad About the Boy in deference to the release of Bridget Jones’s Baby, so was looking about for a new writer.

So I tried It’s Now or Never, written by Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Carole Matthews.(Is it me or does everyone seem to be Sunday Times Bestselling Author?)

Anyway, the book appealed to me, probably as the protagonists are around my age and I think we all feel as though we would like to do something different when we hit forty. The story is about twins, Annie and Lauren going to their elder sister Chelsea’s fortieth birthday party and they wonder why her life is so perfect and theirs isn’t. Annie’s husband spends his whole life fishing and Lauren’s lover is always with his wife and children. This is a great book about trying to turn your life around, and questions whether other people’s lives are as perfect as they seem?

A great, light hearted read to be enjoyed as suggested above or in bed with a nice cup of camomile tea and a piece of choccie.