Finished my first draft!

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“The thing about finishing a story is that finishing is really only the beginning.”
― William Herring

I have finally finished the complete first draft of my debut novel. It has been like a marathon but I have loved pretty much all of it. In fact I feel quite emotional as I don’t feel I’m done yet with these characters. Sounds like a sequel might be in order. Now for the hard work to begin to try to polish and shape the manuscript into a real book….

July 2017

I am very excited to say, I am reaching the home straight and finally the first draft of my debut novel is nearly finished. My feelings on this? A mixture of euphoria and apprehension as I know the editing, (I have worked a great deal on this as I went along, but there will be plenty more), rearranging and reworking has only just begun. Yet the finishing line is in view.

Start Writing No Matter What…

person writing

For me, writing is an absolute luxury, an escape from the every day. As a child, I loved the fact I could venture into another world in a book and imagine for myself how the characters and scenes appeared.

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