The Small Things




I have a confession to make. I don’t really enjoy winter, the other seasons are all lovely but winter leaves me cold literally. This summer was so gorgeous with scorching sun and regular trips to the beach to swim in the refreshing sea, so I was properly sad when it all came to an end. I always feel a wistfulness, a sense of loss when the days get shorter and we have more grey and less blue. The swallows are long gone and now too the Canada geese  have started their long migration, leaving me feeling somewhat bereft. I sometimes wonder if I am solar powered as sun filled days make me so much more energised.

Yet there is a real beauty to this time of year, the trees are simply stunning and the childish pleasure of crunching noisily through fallen leaves is strangely satisfying. The little robin is back in the garden and since putting up window feeders, he is a regular cheery visitor. There is nothing quite like the unexpected joy of a sunny day in November, where the blue sky stretches clear and crisp and everything stands out in glorious technicolour. Spiders join in the display, their webs stretch as if by magic spun intricately over gorse bushes, Mother Nature adding the finishing touch of dew drops sprinkled with a delicate hand.

So slowly, gradually I notice all these small sparkly treasures and add them to my armoury against winter. Like many things in life, it’s the small things that get us all through to the spring.

And even better than all the rest, the dark evenings give us an excuse to curl up in a cosy blanket to scribble away at writing projects or to read a book, the magic key to endless possibilities, with the ability to transport us miles away to be wherever or whomever we want to be. Please note this process works best when consumed along with an obscene amount of chocolate… It has simply got to be done 🙂



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