New Year’s Resolutions


So here we are in a New Year and I am already bogged down trying to juggle a million things when I had made so many plans to start afresh, to be focused and organised. I started well, sent off a short story I have been working on for a well known magazine, joined The Romantic Novelists’ New Writers’ Scheme and started my second novel. So I’ve achieved quite a lot really.

Yet I still feel I’m not quite getting there, we’ve hit the New Year with little Miss F cutting her foot badly on a pyrex dish which dropped on the floor and spectacularly exploded – whilst cooking a vegan cake would you believe?! That was an interesting evening in casualty on New Year’s Eve. Then two of the kids have gone down with a disgusting virus and I caught it. So all those well made plans of regular writing time, managing my work, organising things in advance, effortless school runs, going alcohol free for the whole of January (well that was until I read drinking in moderation is actually quite good for you) – they’ve all gone out the window and it’s only a couple of weeks in.

But this is real life – why do we expect things to change drastically because it’s a new year? I always have to juggle about ninety things at once so why would it be any different just because it is now 2018? I guess we all want to start afresh each New Year, but this year I am changing it up a bit, yes – starting positive, a little bit more organised, motivated of course, but above all realistic…after all most people break their New Year’s Resolutions and you know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

In any case, I would hate to be bored…but I must just finish that article, put dinner on and walk the dogs…..then I’ll be right back …… 🙂

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