Where is door?


This week after many months of upheaval and half the house being rearranged, the builders are nearly finished thank goodness. I finally have a kitchen once more, having spent over 6 months cooking out in our caravan on the front drive. Our neighbours will either be extremely relieved or sorry that the entertainment is nearly over.

Most exciting is the fact that we have a downstairs toilet again. We nearly had one the week before last but unfortunately the plumber installed it and then discovered it had a leak. Not a pretty sight but fortunately no one had actually used it yet.

You would be amazed at the amount of issues it has caused not having a downstairs loo in a houseful of girls. For some reason, when one goes, they all seem to need to use it at the same time, which causes a huge row and much banging on the door of the upstairs bathroom.

Anyway, this is why I was really excited when the plumber returned last week to install the replacement toilet which did not have a leak in it. I even dashed upstairs enthusiastically to get a fresh loo roll to place ready for everyone to use when needed. It was only when I suddenly thought, ‘I wonder if the builders put a lock on the door,’ and went to check only to discover, there is no door.  The door has vanished. Very odd, as our old tiny downstairs cloakroom always had a door before building work started. Now it is nowhere to be seen. I started looking round the house to try to find it. Yes, I know, our house is still in such chaos, I couldn’t actually find the door.

It turned up of course, leaning against a wall in the dining room, where someone has randomly left it. I am glad we have found it, but a week later our downstairs toilet is still doorless and the builders are nowhere to be seen. Looks as though we had better call in the Orelly Men.

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