A host of dancing Daffodils


Last weekend, it was as though a magical transformation had taken over outside. The sky was blue, the sun shone and there was the hint of promise in the air.

It sounds weird but for me it was as if everything were more intense, the vivid blue sky, the sunshine yellow daffodils nodding their heads in the breeze and the bright colour of all the Spring bulbs sprouting from the earth. I felt like a mole escaping from the wintry darkness underground into a glittering new world of light. Above all it smelt like Spring. I know that seems a strange thing to say, and no I hadn’t been taking any medication but the air was fresh, with the waft of freshly cut grass, bulbs growing and the promise of light evenings and Summer ahead.

As Wordsworth portrayed in his famously beautiful poem, the timeless snapshot of dancing daffodils is an image guaranteed to make one feel happier. We all need to hang on to this scene like Wordsworth, even though the grey skies are back and look forward to the beauty of Easter and a lovely summer ahead.

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