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“Overriding everything is an all pervading, amazing scent of coffee; freshly ground, earthy, heady.”
idyllic country cottage
coast and hills
Can we ever really run away from it all?
coffee beans laid out in a heart shape on a wooden table

“The babbling little brook tumbles down the hill on the right-hand side of the lane and I walk up past cosy little cottages, each individually thatched, some with little birds carefully crafted from straw on the roofs.”

My New Novel:

For the Love of Coffee

Publication Date: 3 October 2023

Meet Romilly Greene, people-pleaser extraordinaire, loving and dutiful wife, mother, sister and daughter, always putting everyone else’s needs before her own. But the truth is she feels trapped and unfulfilled. When the cracks in her marriage begin to show, she and her daughters Elise and Summer run away from it all to the picturesque village of Melstock, the place of her idyllic childhood holidays.

They are soon welcomed into the heart of the community by a host of quirky characters, notably Mark Whittaker, the disturbingly attractive owner of the local country estate.

Trouble is brewing quite literally however as the future of Melstock’s historic coffee factory comes under threat, Summer’s teacher, the cute and brooding Henry Barton seems to have taken her in violent dislike, Elise is bullied at secondary school and there appears to be no escape from Romilly’s husband and his hideous mother.

Will Romilly ever manage to put herself first for once and rediscover her own identity, whilst juggling single parenting and attempting to recapture the lost tatters of her love life? Or will she settle for familiarity and security above all else?


Fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk, Jane Green and Meg Cabot will love this heart-warming, romantic comedy.

Coffee and romance - the perfect combination?

coffee beans laid out in a heart shape on a wooden table

“The room is the entire length of the factory building, long and narrow and is not unlike a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the centre are several large vats with steam rising in great clouds spiralling right up to the high ceiling, which seems an infinity away as it is covered with a roof of misty vagueness. The pipes drop down from a great height and the noise and tumult of production is mesmerising. Downstairs in the quiet simplicity of the shop, you would never know this hive of activity was here.”

My Other Books:

Sequel to my debut novel:

Sequel to my debut novel:

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my debut novel:

my debut novel:

10 feb 2020

The Jane Austen Dating Agency

writing as Chloe James
– my new novel:

writing as Chloe James
– my new novel:

23 Nov 2020

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decorative butterflies